I have travelled Australia,USA,New Zealand,Indonesia,Croatia and Mexico to fight and train with many different coaches from amateur to elite world class and Jacek is definitely my favourite coach as he has all the technical knowledge from being a very good boxer himself, but also knows how to push and motivate me to take me to the level I need to be for international heavyweight fights. Jacek manages to do all this while still making it fun! Whenever I need to get in shape for a fight I know I can count on Jacek.

Mark de Mori'
Professional heavyweight boxer
19 wins 1 loss
WBC Asian Boxing Council International Heavyweight Champion



Two years ago I barely knew the basics of boxing. After a few classes with Jacek I quickly fell in love with the sport, and started regular PT sessions to learn more. I’ve now been training with Jacek for over a year, and he still shows me something new every week!

Jacek is a very patient, dedicated trainer who has a lot of experience under his belt. As well as teaching me many useful sparring techniques, Jacek has also helped improve my strength, reflexes and fitness. His passion and love for boxing has definitely rubbed off on me, and best of all - he makes boxing fun!

Anyone who wants to learn boxing, get fit, or just have a go at punching something - I highly recommend you call the Boxing Professor - he’s the best in Perth. And fellow lefties, Jacek is also a Southpaw specialist!

Thanks for all your hard work Professor :)
Rachel Edmondson


"I have been training with Jacek for over 18 months. During this time I have seen great improvement in speed, strength and skill. His old school, polish training knowledge has been invaluable. Great boxing with a great guy."


I've been working with Jack for over two years now, he is a very talented and knowledgeable boxing trainer and fitness Instructor.

He always acts in a professional manner and pushes me to the best of my abilities.

Richard Harrison

Jacek is a the most professional Boxing trainer I have ever met, his focus on traditional boxing skills and boxing based workouts has allowed me to achieve my personal goals. Unlike other trainers he truly knows how to Box which shows through his personal training techniques. Whether you decide to do boxing, circuit, weight training or a combination of all I am certain that you will notice the results as I have.

An all round great bloke and an absolute pleasure to train with.

David Brennan

Date: 27 June 2012

To whom It may concern,
Letter of commendation – Jacek Woroniecki
Boxing Coach and Personal Trainer

This letter serves to recommend Jacek Woroniecki as a personal trainer and boxing coach.
My wife and I started training with Jacek approximately 2 years ago with short term fitness goals in mind. Our starting fitness was poor and our aim was to increase our fitness with a view to tackling the Inca Trail in a 3 month time frame. Jacek helped us meet our goals in much less than this time frame with a tailored fitness regimen suited to each of us separately which also enabled us to train at the same time, together.

Having met our short term goals we were further motivated by Jacek’s style of training and his friendly personality. He somehow makes fitness, strength and boxing training very addictive and fun! Because of my interest in boxing, a large portion of our training was dedicated to it and given that he is a very accomplished boxer, both as an instructor and a competitor (although now retired from competition) I have learned a great deal from him.

As a result of our training my wife and I gained confidence both in and outside the gym. This confidence reflected positively in our personal and professional lives. My results in a nutshell, even with my diet and party lifestyle sing volumes about his (and my) hard work – starting off at a very heavy and very weak 103kg I am presently down to 95kg. I am able to run, lift weights and box for an hour and am confident in every aspect of my life.

I strongly recommend him to any person interested in fast tracking their fitness goals, improving their boxing and wishing to gain confidence in everyday life.

Yours faithfully
Tim Leahy

I originally started boxing to lose baby weight. Jacek was the instructor on the first time I went and he was tough, yet so friendly and explained everything so well. After a short while the weight ped off. I got strong and fit and then boxing became the thing I did to release the pressure of my busy life. I've made lifelong friends and gained back so much confidence in myself.

Helen Knowles

I’m thrilled to endorse Jack as a fantastic personal trainer. In my case I was interested in a boxing specialist and someone whocan also assist in all other areas of fitness & weight training.
Jack ensures you reach your potential on every visit. Personally I have seen great improvements thanks to Jack’sconsultation in terms of technique, power, speed & fitness. Jack’s been there at the highest levels of boxing, he knows his stuff andhas a passion for boxing and is great with people. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jack to anyonethinking improving their skills & fitness.

Kind regards,

 I have been training with Jacek for over 2 years now and really enjoy the sessions. With his impressive amateur boxing career in Poland it means you get taught high level skills and technique as well as the fitness aspect. He is always trying new training methods and open to changing the style of the workout which keeps it interesting as well. Thumbs up from me.

Eric de Mori
Associate Director of Corporate Finance


I have been training with Jack for four years and he has made me fitter, faster and better at boxing. I followed him when he changed gyms to a proper boxing gym and found his classes improved. He is always able to push me and work me hard while still catering for different fitness levels within the group.
Just recently I have started PT sessions with Jack and there is always something new to learn in each class. I would definitely recommend Jack to anyone, experienced or not, who wanted to have a go at boxing.
Jack Chaston

Jack is simply put, a fantastic boxing coach. His sessions are varied, fun and very challenging. I generally find personal training to be a bit boring, but Jack’s attitude, personality and boxing knowledge make his sessions something that I look forward to each week. I couldn’t recommend him enough.
Max Graham